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  1. Hi,

    Take for example scaling down a footage from 1920x1080 to 640x360, edit it entirely, and finally replace it with the original without loosing keyframe adjustments and aspect ratio.

    Can this be done?
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  2. You're probably referring to vegas' built in smart proxy feature. I don't know , havent used that . I'm guessing you could because that's the whole point of proxy editing

    But in the past (years ago when HD started being used with slow computers) people used their own proxies and swapped back in without issues. There were utilites that helped with this (gear shift from vaast)
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    I don't quite get why you are scaling down PROXIES. Usually proxies are either already scaled down or are (much) lower bitrate, or both to facilitate ease of editing.
    Sounds strange that you need to ease your ease.

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  4. Proxies are still used nowadays, eg. editing 4K video. Another 3d party solution for Vegas here
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  5. Thank you for your responses.

    I never scaled down footage before (only rendered lower quality mpegs) , so I wasn't sure it was possible.

    I just did a few tests and so far so good ☺
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  6. Originally Posted by lonrot View Post

    I just did a few tests and so far so good ☺
    You probably know this, but make sure your tests include a complete round-trip of the whole process.
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