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  1. Is it possible to superimpose every 5th frame of a video to a single photo using a batch process? Will FFMPEG do this?



    For example IF this photo was produced from a video? ...

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  2. Originally Posted by BobAchgill View Post
    Is it possible to superimpose every 5th frame of a video to a single photo using a batch process? Will FFMPEG do this?



    For example IF this photo was produced from a video? ...
    Can you clarify ? Did you want to overlay a separate single still photo onto every 5th frame of a video in a 50/50 blend ?

    What is being superimposed onto what?

    Or did you mean superimpose every 4th and 5th frame of the video to a single still as an image sequence ? Or every 5th video frame to a sequence of separate single stills ?

    What is the desired output format? A video, a sequence of images?

    Does the "batch" refer to doing this to a single video, or is this for multiple videos ?
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  3. I have a video of someone moving their hands... the goal is to take every 5th frame of the video and superimpose these every 5th frame(s) to create a single composite photo showing the motion of the hands.

    I have thousands of videos of a person moving his hands that I want to do the above to. "Batch" means a tool that makes it easy to do this task unattended.

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  4. You could create an action (basically a macro) in Photoshop that would repeatedly advance 5 frames, grab the image and store it as a layer with an appropriate blend mode, and finally combine them, and delete the underlying video (for example.)

    But frankly, without proper lighting or manually choosing the appropriate key frames you're most likely going to end up with a muddy mess.
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  5. So no way to try this with a free tool?
    Muddy mess warning taken to heart.
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    There was another thread here a few weeks ago that dealt with frame merging (that one focused on giving a slow-shutter-speed effect) and a couple of AVISynth scripts were successfully demonstrated. I'm confident one of those could be modified to merge just your (n & (n+5)) frames instead. Then you would need to do a simple convert to picture sequence and choose every 5 frame from the list (or something like that). That's free.

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  7. Yes, it's possible avisynth . But how long are the clips ? It will look like a bloody mess as stated above, if there are very long . You might want to adjust the parameters or set some restrictions

    e.g. here is a random hand waving tai chi clip from youtube, selecting every 5th frame

    Click image for larger version

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    ffvideosource("Tai Chi Movements - Tai Chi- Wave Hands Like Clouds Tips - YouTube.mp4")
    function AvgAll2(clip c) { c.FrameCount() <= 1 ? c : AvgAll2( Merge(c.SelectEven(),c.SelectOdd()) ) }

    There are many different ways of doing this, and you can get different types of looks - so if do a better job describing the desired end effect it would help

    e.g. less frequent samples - instead of every 5th frame, every 200th frame

    Click image for larger version

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    Or my favorite one, Johnny Cage Shadow Kick

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