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  1. Hello,
    I need convert 10bit dpx pictures to the 10bit yuv (format 4:2:0) file. Does anyone some idea how do it? Some software of using imagemagick/ffmpeg?

    Thank you for reply and advice.
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    My humble suggestion: batch conversion to PNG with XnView,
    assemble the PNGs with an Avisynth script,
    convert to YUV file with avs2yuv or avs2pipe.
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  3. I am begginer can you write to me some scripts...

    Thank you very much.
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    Well, if you are actually a beginner, you'd better also tell us:

    --- where or how you got those DPX images, and

    --- for what do you need to convert them to an uncompressed 4:2:0 sequence

    Notice, the DPX format uses a higher bit-depth, and the intermediate conversion to RGB24,
    or the direct conversion to YV12, must be done in an appropriate way
    I know nearly-nothing about ImageMagick, except that its learning curve is a P.I.T.A.

    I've sent a P.M. to a knowledgeable member of this forum, and hopefully he won't mind chiming in.
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    Actually, even if you weren't a beginner, we'd have to know more info.

    DPX is quite flexible and flexibility brings with it additional complexity.

    We would need to know:
    Resolution (not necessary to worry about for the format, but sometimes necessary for the app and destination)
    Colorspace & Gamma (are these "10bit" files Single channel, RGB, YUV or what; and are they Linear or Log)
    Intended FPS
    Why 10bit source (are you sure of that #)? That's rather low for DPX (usu. 12-16bit), unless it's Log.
    Transfer/transform characteristics going to YUV (also, is there a white balance adjustment necessary)
    Why 4:2:0 destination? If you've got the better source, why not stay with 4:2:2 or 4:4:4?
    What's the destination (or interim destination) application?
    Is transparency/alpha a factor.
    Studio vs. Full range on source vs. destination

    Some of that can easily be arrived at by uploading a MediaInfo detailed text readout. Others you'll just have to tell us.

    I've used ImagMagick, but only when I have to (when what needs to be done with automated Pshop scripts won't do the job), so I guess you could say I'm in a similar boat (and it is a PITA). If you cannot describe what needs to be done, it's not likely one can script it for you. You could try DJVImaging.

    Why do you need a CLI/script-based solution? Do you plan on identically repeating this conversion formula over and over?
    Are you suggesting ffmpeg & imagemagick because of their free availability? Or was this suggested to YOU? Graphicsmagick might be a little easier, even though it's still CLI.

    The picture sequence -> video file assemblage is fairly easy and quick to do with a number of apps. The hard part is in the adjustment/transform and transfer of the higher dynamic range DPX to a lower bit depth (10bit Log RGB is much > than 10bit linear/gamma-corrected YUV 4:2:0).

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  6. Thank you for reply.

    for El Heggunte:
    I got a quest at work, but our solution was based on 8 bit files. Our solution: dpx (10b) -> bmp(8bit) -> yuv -> h.264/h.265 compress. First format conversion (dpx -> bmp via XNconvert). XNconvert is very smart tool, but every format conversion made bit-depth degradation (10b->8b). User can not change it (bit-depth degradation). And why 4:2:0 format? Because the format is standart in TV(DVB-T/T2).

    for Cornucopia:
    I attached one dpx picture and info from MediaInfo. Because I can not find all information what you wanted. I wanted ffmpeg and imagemagick because of free availability. I have dpx files and I want file conversion to yuv (10 bit-depth) to h.264/h.265 compression. DJVImaging is only viewer? I can only open a view dpx (information and content). No format translator...
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