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  1. Dear experts

    Currently my video is in
    a) Mp4
    b) hardcoded Chinese subtitle

    What I wish to achieve
    a) adding English subtitle under the Chinese subtitle

    Is there a software that can export hardcoded subtitle (with TIMING) so that I can translate the Chinese subtitle myself manually.
    I DO NOT need to OCR the chinese subtitle, but what i wish is to maintain the TIMING of the subtitle.
    It will be time consuming if I need to adjust the timing of my English subtitle manually.
    I tried to search the software in
    But cant find one that can achieve this, or probably I have overlooked.

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  2. You can try to demux it with YAMB and see if you get a subtitle stream, but if the subs are indeed hardcoded you will be out of luck.
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  3. its indeed hardcoded.
    I dont need to extract the content of the subtitle, but I wish to maintain the timing
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  4. So you confirm they are burned-in subs, then there are a few methods to get it done. This is the most comprehensive guide on the subject and the Subrip guide they link to is the best I've seen.

    I understand you only want to maintain the timing, but where do you get the timing from in the first place? Extracting it from the video file is the easiest way. Except there is no timing data with hardcoded subs, they are burnt into the picture. You either have to OCR the Chinese subs, watch the movie and write it down or get the info from someone else's subs.
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    The only other suggestion I have is that since sendspellme seems to be able to read Chinese, he might go to and look for Chinese subtitles for that movie. If he is very lucky and subtitles exist, the subtitles may be an exact match for his film and he can simply get the timings from them and use those for his new English subtitles. There's no guarantee that they'll have the subtitles or that the timings will be the same as his version, but it would be a lot quicker to go there and look than to OCR.
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    There's a program called AVISubDetector that can extract the timing of hard subs from avi files.
    It's really an ocr type, but if you simply open the file and click 'Start full' it outputs a file with the times - perhaps convert the mp4 quick and dirty and try it.

    00:00:02,520 --> 00:00:05,640
    ! Frame=63LC=14;MED=225;MBC=7;LMB=112;RMB=486;

    00:00:06,720 --> 00:00:10,120
    ! Frame=168LC=14;MED=205;MBC=24;MBX=1;LMB=144;RMB=461;

    00:00:10,280 --> 00:00:14,720
    ! Frame=257LC=28;MED=192;MBC=12;LMB=154;RMB=468;

    00:00:14,880 --> 00:00:21,320
    ! Frame=372LC=38;MED=186;MBC=27;MBX=3;LMB=167;RMB=444;
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  7. sorry for hijacking the topic,

    would someone tell if there is a method to take snapshots of the parts where the hardcoded subtitles showen in the video file and somehow binding them with the extracted timings so i won't need to ocr the subs.

    sorry again
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  8. Maybe the thread below can put some information on your issue concerning harcoded subtitles.


    PS: depending of the case, I would prefer make a timing manually: using the sound and /or the image to mark the speeches or typing manually the letters. Otherwise, you maybe need to OCR the video to get the timing / letters.


    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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