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  1. I'm in the process of converting some VHS stuff for a family member. I don't know the correct terminology of the problem I'm trying to describe. In layman's terms I'm trying to restore/correct the red (hat & shirt). I tried using the Colormill plugin for Virtualdub, but in the process I end up washing out all of the other colors in the video to get the red back. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Here are a few pics of the problem. If a video clip is needed I can upload one.
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    To just stick to the color problem a simple hue shift should solve this.

    The water will be blue and the shirt red.
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  3. Thanks. Appreciate the help.
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  4. try something like that:

    # 1) move chroma
    # 2) change hue
    # 3) remove chroma bleeding:
    separatefields() # if source interlaced
    mergechroma(aWarpSharp(depth=10, thresh=0.75, blurlevel=3, cm=1))
    mergechroma(aWarpSharp(depth=5, thresh=0.75, blurlevel=2, cm=1))
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    themaster1 has a better idea, to work in YUV where the problem originates in the v channel. Too late to do that with the images, they've gone to RGB so it's a bit late for YUV work using the posted samples. It'll take a lot more than just a "simple hue adjustment" to repair the color. You'll have to start with the YUV original. If you don't know how to use histograms and pixel readers you're, uh, dead in the water.

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