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  1. Hi folks,

    From time to time I need to make Subtitles from Hard-subbed AVI file. I am trying to use SubRip to get the hard-sub subtitles But I am stuck on - Ripping Subtitles using SubRip by ai4spam.

    I can get up to this point (See attached picture)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SubRip Red Coloring Part.jpg
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    But then I do NOT know how to make my White Letter turn to Red Like this.

    Q1: How do I do that in SubRip? I keep reading the ai4spam Guide ... but it seems I am missing something.

    Q2: Is SubRip still the best way to Rip Hard-Sub from AVI file?

    Q3: I am using the latest Stand-alone SubRip program SubRip downloaded from VideoHelp. Do I need to add anything else to the Program folder?

    Q4: Do I have to any Other External Programs so SubRip can do it's thing?

    Q5: In my SubRip 1.05b5 Expanded folder I see a "temp.avs" thingy which is Not in the Original folder? Do I need this? Where did it come from?

    Q6: How come when SubRip start doing it's thing, it does NOT start from the First Subtitle ... Skips 2 or 3 then Starts doing it's thing.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Never used it SubRip, but there are many ways to implement subs. Subs like in your attachment are likely not text subs, but are actually created image overlays. You can see this for yourself when watching various movies in your media player. Media Player setup will often display all text style subs in a set font and color (typically white). But the overlay subs can/will be in a different font/color.

    Based on the wiki, SubRip uses a standard text format (srt) which can be opened and viewed with any text editor. >>
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  3. Hi Krispy KritterThanks for taking the time and replying to my post.

    I printed ai4spam Guide and went thru it line by line and I think I have the answer to some of my own Questions …

    A1: Since my Subtitles did have “Outlines Coloring” … i.e. White Letters with Black Outlines, then the FAKE RED Outline Coloring does NOT kick-in.

    Disregard my Q2, Q3, Q4. SubRip worked like a Charm on my Hard-Subbed AVI File. I goofed couple of places … but overall it came out A-OK. But I had to go thru the Entire darn movie … so Automation was limited. So, I need to practice to get better at it, and learn how to Fine Tune my process.

    Disregard Q5, the “temp.avs” was evidently Created in Program Folder because at some time I had tried to Open a DVD to get the Subtiles.

    Disregard Q6, you have to Click several times on Go To the Beginning and make sure Your Counter on SubRip says ZERO.

    In order to lessen confusion I will number my next Questions with next number …

    Q7: On the “Fill Sides” there are 3 Options to Choose from Left, Center, and Right. Question what is the Correct or Better Choice to pick? Would Left work better when working with English Subtitles?

    Thanks for Help,

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