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  1. I am trying to help a friend who is computer illiterate. He purchased Debut Capture Pro to capture his computer monitor and send it out to help tutor people.

    Unfortunately, it is in .avi and he does not understand software to change it to .avi.

    I would try and install the free version, but the virus program will not let me saying there is a virus variant in the debutsetup.exe file.

    Can someone give me simple step by step instructions (if you have a screen grab, that would be over the top) of where to change the output from .avi to .mp4 that I can get to them to change the output.

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    Doesn't they have any kind of support? Especially if you purchase it.

    And I wouldn't recommend anyone install nch software...tons of adware crap in the free versions.

    But the mac version seem to have a record as(screenshot from
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    What makes me think that this is another thinly veiled spam topic ?

    The illustrations on the sw site - for Windows - even show the selection box expanded to reveal all format options.
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