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  1. I'm trying to join one of these "seemless branching discs" so I can re-encode it to mkv in Handbrake. Problem is, I'm not sure what settings to use, tried it once and I ended up with two folders, eac and tsmux, and both contained the film, one as a complete m2ts file (with no sound for some weird reason) and the eac folder had all the individual sound and video and sub tracks.

    I just want to join the m2ts files together using the appropriate playlist on the disc so I can just run it through Handbrake like I normally do.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Load the blu-ray folder into handbrake and it will select the play list with the longest playing file.Also it will let you select another playlist that might match what you need.
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  3. just mux those elementary streams into MKV (dropping them in mkvmerge ), do not forget to set fps for that video stream in mkvmerge
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  4. Why don't you give Clown_BD a try if a specific disc is giving you trouble? When I rip a disc I (almost) always run DVDFabPasskey in the background and extract main movie with Clown_BD. (Same deal if you use AnyDVDHD). It's not like it involves an extra step.

    Clown_BD, after the initial analysis, will present you with the playlists, longest first, and detail the m2ts files in each. The first one is selected by default, but you can select another one.

    I wonder if there's some kind of playlist obfuscation going on with your disc. That is, a bunch of playlists with the correct runtime, but all save one in incorrect order. I only recall coming across one disc like that (it might have been Ender's Game, but I'm not sure now). For that one I did a search and was lucky enough to find several postings (on other sites) that agreed on the correct playlist, and pointed Clown_BD at that one. Otherwise, I would have had to go through the m2ts files to determine the correct order.

    I have no idea if there are many discs like that, or whether decrypters get updates for them specifically. (I suppose I should examine the changelogs). Anyway, apart from that one disc, Clown_BD has never failed to correctly identify the main movie playlist and join the m2ts files for a main movie, and the one exception wasn't really Clown_BD's fault.

    [EDIT] Yes, just checked. It was Ender's Game, and the problem was discussed in the MakeMKV forum.

    Just throwing that out there in case anyone's interested. I think it more likely that Handbrake is simply having trouble identifying main movie. (I've seen that before with RipBot when the input is a seamless branched disc). If that's the problem, then Clown_BD will certainly do the business for you.
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  5. Originally Posted by johns0 View Post
    Load the blu-ray folder into handbrake and it will select the play list with the longest playing file.Also it will let you select another playlist that might match what you need.
    Thanks for that, I was loading the folder stream before and it wasn't giving any playlists, but if I load the whole blu-ray structure folder it gives playlists. In the tutorials I read they always suggested just loading the movie file (the largest m2ts in the stream folder), but this seems a better option because it also gives the correct audio and subtitle details in handbrake too.

    Such a simple thing could probably going to save a lot of hassle, thanks!
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  6. [sigh] PEBCAK after all. I always forget that possibility.
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  7. Never underestimate my newbieness

    Though thanks for the info regarding Enders Game, it's good to know there are more curveballs waiting for me
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