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  1. Cinemartin MyBD STD allows you to convert your bluray disc to world smallest size videos in to several codec/presets including H.265.
    There's no limitation on STD version, altough Pro version allows you to convert the Blurays in much faster time and even at smaller size..

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    here is comment of Alan Davidson, administrator of after using MyBD. here

    "First off, I want to say, when I first encountered this program I had it mixed up with another program that I tested back in July. They are not the same. I am far from an expert in programming but seeing is believing and I was wrong about my assessment of MYBD by This program actually does what is says. I would like to apologize for my quick judgment and wrong condemnation.
    This program is truly special. Mind you that I have done 5 Bluray discs all over 25Gbs in size. I used the free version that they offer at no cost. It only allows you to use 2 cores of your processor and I have an extremely powerful system, which may have led to my truly unbelievable results.
    MyBD takes a Bluray disc of any size and makes a file that is less than 500mbs in size with no loss of quality. I know this sounds like something out of the future but its true, I did not believe it, I was almost rude to a member that said this was true, for which I now want to publicly apologize.
    This program does only 1 thing, it takes a Bluray disc and turns it into an H265 file, either .mkv or .mp4 , it bypasses all decryptions, I cannot verify the Cinavia claim yet because I have no Cinavia discs. But I am not doubting this company any more.

    These are the disc I encoded. these are all Reg 1 discs.
    1. Dirty Harry Bluray Collector Edition
    2. Domino - Bluray
    3. Kill Bill Vol1 and 2 - Bluray
    4. Weeds Season 1- Bluray
    5. Battle Los Angles - Bluray

    Not 1 disc took more than 2 hours , they averaged 1 hour 45mins from start to finish. Extremely impressive for a free program that only allows you to use 2 Cores of my 4770K Haswell processor. The GUI is not elaborate, but very tidy and easy to use. It automatically finds the correct main title and all you have to do is tell the program where you want the final file to wind up.
    Again, I want to apologize to our member Mateo Dalmas for not believing the claims he made about this program and to Cinemartin for jumping the gun before trying this utterly ground breaking program. I have no idea what they did, or how they did it, but I have been in this business for 15+ years and have never encountered a program that can do what this program can do.
    For all of you that were skeptical about this little program, I want you to know that if it had anything to do with my comments, please disregard what I previously said, I was wrong. Give MYBD a chance, its freeware for the STD Edition, yes, you have to send them your e-mail address and they send you a link. I don't see an issue with that, I wondered about it, but then I realized there are many programs that have that requirement and all they want to do is send you updates about other products they sell.
    I do not usually endorse a program on its first release, but I am giving this program my full endorsement and permission to post my comments on social media, I would only ask that they link back to to read the news story JW wrote. "

    look like this program have some magical power . it is interesting to read his comments before this one.
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    Please DO NOT attach rippers in my forum.

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    And I'm skeptical...It uses makemkv for ripping and a h265 encoder developed by them? Not x265?
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    I think it uses The DivX h265 encoder.
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    Squeezing a Blu-ray content to CD size is not a big problem.

    But who would enjoy watching the result?!
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