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  1. Hi
    i have one good srt file in english
    but i need it to be in another language
    i have another srt that is in another labguage but is not in synch
    i tried to use Subtitle Edit to re-synch it but its not good
    i need to set it up & re synch it every few minutes - i can't synch one line & let it re-synch the entire file to the end (every few minutes i need re synch it)...

    so - is there a way to take the good srt in english
    & take the "bad" srt in another language
    & use the timing from the good one on the "bad" one?

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  2. Open the bad in Subtitle Edit. Use File -> Import time codes... And select the good one.
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  3. thanks
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    videobruger nailed the best way if you have a correct copy but otherwise a good way to sync Subtitle Edit is Visual sync. Load your subtitles and video into subtitle edit then select Visual sync. You point to first line and point to last line and let it take care of the ones in between. Just an alternate method if you do not have a correct copy.

    Click image for larger version

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  5. thanks
    it looks like a real nice way
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