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  1. I just installed DVD Rebuilder Pro and have copied a couple of dvds I own. On several forum postings (various different sites) I've seen references to using a $55 version of CCE encoder. I would like to try it but I can not find a valid link to anyplace where I can purchase it.

    Any suggestions? Note I am NOT interested in any of the Pirate Bay type sites but want a legitimate site preferably one that accepts PayPal.

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    If you look at the tools link, you'll see it's "no longer available". CinemaCraft no longer sells their compression products, having moved on to "media monetization".

    As a replacement, I would suggest HCEnc.

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    Don't do this. Just use HCenc which is free. CCE was a long time ago really good, but HCenc (in my opinion) has surpassed it in every way imaginable, including the fact that HCenc can do high definition encoding and the cheap CCE cannot.

    Please read these good notes here about updating HCenc inside of DVD Rebuilder:

    The newer HCenc builds need an updated AviSynth to be installed or you'll get errors. It's been a long time since I did the work to update HCenc within DVD-RB, but I think it comes with an old version of HCenc that does still work unless you are using 64 bit Windows, in which case you'll have to bite the bullet and upgrade.

    The HCenc beta release 16-06-2011 you can find here
    definitely works with DVD-RB under 64 bit Windows. I haven't tried any more recent versions.

    I took a look at the Cinema Craft website and they don't seem to support any versions of CCE any more, so you honestly may not be able to get a legit version any more.
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  4. Your computer details list 8 GB RAM, so can we assume you're using 64-bit Win7? Do what jman suggested.

    If you already backed up some discs, you must have used QuEnc. Nothing wrong with it, but HC Encoder is better, especially at lower bitrates. Forget CCE.

    And welcome to the forum.
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    I used that 55 $ CCE years ago and it was okay, years ago.
    But I did give it when better stuff came along.
    So yes, the ship has sailed on CCE, find something better.
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  6. Thanks to all for the help!
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