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  1. Hi cats,

    please I use gopro camera and sometimes the camera are near the silence but sometimes are near the high sound

    I would like extract audio so that, if possible, at the audio is apply an AGC on the volume, so that when the camera in near the silence or low volume sound, it become amplify, and the levels already hight are lowered

    possibly I don't wont that encoded .wav have levels over the normal (0db?), also even if audio is very hight

    I know, hoewver, that if the recorded sound levels is too high and the audio capsule of gopro is not able to contain the audio in the ordidnay levels, it will be impossible get a .wav correct because incorrect is the original .mp4

    Already I know that audio capsule of gopro is not a broadcast microphone so results is ... but I try at least to normalize levels.

    Consider that in gopro (I think) is impossible to touch levels, maybe the camera have a fixed level of recording. Hoewver I like try at least, increase gain when sound is recorded low

    Usually to transcode audio from gopro I use:

    ffmpeg.exe  -y -i goprofile.mp4 -filter_complex "[0:1] volume=1.5" -c:a pcm_s16le goproaudio.wav
    Please in avisynth how I can set the use of AGC + limiter audio levels for the audio part?

    vid=FFVideoSource("C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Nuova cartella (17)\GOPR1449.MP4")
    aud=FFAudioSource("C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Nuova cartella (17)\GOPR1449.MP4")
    left = GetChannel(aud, 1)
    right = GetChannel(aud, 1)
    both=mergechannels(left, right)
    AssumeTFF().SeparateFields().SelectEvery(4, 0, 3).Weave()

    but how I have to change the commandline to have the agc + limiter in the target wave? thanks
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