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  1. im so confused.

    im not so tech savy. but can anyone please guide me or tell me step by step how to download video rtmp with firefox hds link detector?
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  2. Hi angles ,

    1st step : INSTALLING
    DL php at
    Unzip the file in a directory ; ex "c:\php"
    in "c:\php" create a batch file , for updating AdobeHDS.php
    @echo on
    php AdobeHDS.php --update
    Open Firefox
    Paste the link :
    an icon "HDS Link Detector" will appear in the right-upper corner
    2nd step : RUNNING
    _ Open Firefox
    _ Click on the icon "HDS Link Detector" to enable it
    _ Paste the link of your video and run it
    _ At the beginning , a small dialog box , will appear (on the right) over the task-bar . Click on it !!!
    _ Stop the video
    _ Open a text editor , paste the text got just previously .
    (example : php ... Firefox/34.0" )
    _ finalize your batch file , to be saved in "c:\php" !!!
    @echo on
    php ... Firefox/34.0"
    Launch your batch file .
    Wait until the DL is finished .

    Regards .
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    Hey aaz,

    Just as for the OP all of this is new to me. I tried to follow your instructions but I think something gets lost in translation with the batch files.

    Should they have a specific name? Are you to save them in .bat format? Do anything with them?

    Before I found this post I looked at and (post 32 and some on the first page) to get it to work, but it didn't. In the 'installing PHP for dummies' at the bottom of the page in the first link I downloaded another version of the file you linked to, but I don't know it that makes any difference. Obviously also installed the firefox plugin and copied the command line, but then I have no idea what to do. I can type php -v and get something out of it in the command window with both versions of the PHP program, but the second command doesn't work. From php AdobeHDS.php --help all I get is 'Could not open input file: AdobeHDS.php' - similarly to when I double click my improvised batch file for updating Adobe HDS from your tutorial - then it's 'there's no update switch, use --help' 'press any key to continue' and the window closes.

    I should perhaps make it clear that I'm looking to download a video which is split into f4f files.

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  4. Hi adamskii ,

    ===== NOT NECESSARY =====

    You can create a batch file "WhatYouWant_Test_Version_PHP.bat" :
    _ to be saved anywhere
    _ calling where is staying 'php.exe'

    @echo on
    E:\PHP>php -v
    --- answer ---
    PHP 5.4.4 (cli) (built: Jun 13 2012 20:36:03)
    Copyright (c) 1997-2012 The PHP Group
    Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2014 Zend Technologies

    About AdobeHDS.php read above what I said .

    Cheers .
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