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  1. Does anyone know of a TV media box/palyer (HW) that can play AVI (DV) files from Pinnacle Studio?
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    Not anything I've seen mentioned. Maybe, somewhere. DV wasn't designed as a streaming or distribution format.

    People have been asking the same question for a long time:
    - My sister Ann's brother
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  3. there was player that could do it once upon a time, Ellion HMR 700A, it was mentioned in its specs, and some people mentioned that
    Decoding playback, video:
    MPEG2 HD (ts,tp), DivX HD(avi), Xvid HD (avi)
    MPEG1/2 (dat.mpg.vob.ifo) , DivX (avi), Xvid (avi), DV25 (Digital Camcorder)
    but that player might not be on par with nowadays formats with older, perhaps slow chip in it (to nowadays standard), does not mentions even H.264/avc I would not get it even used, that was just an example that it was possible, but chips that got all through to nowadays would not decode DV codec. I will never understand this. There is billions of hours of DV footage out there and those chips were designed to not decode it. DVavi was the most common camcorder format for many years. Perhaps licence issues etc.

    so some HTPC or even cheap Rapsberry Pi with XBMC might be usefull here
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