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    Have a bunch of video files (mpg & h.264 ts) that have varying audio levels. Would like a tool that would give me a "general" audio level number so that I can append the title with a volume level number to give a quick indication that this is a "loud" or "soft" recording. Kind of like what would be needed to adjust the base level + or - to normalize. I don't want to normalize/recode my existing files. Ideally this util would be a small window/graphic that could be run standalone against a file (like mediainfo) or measure sound when running PowerDVD 14 or VideoReDo.

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    If no one offers a better solution, you could install Audacity + ffmpeg and open each video file one-by-one, using the Normalize filter to check what dB adjustment would be required. Tedious.
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  3. You can use foobar2000 and its ReplayGain scanner for that job. It will give you positive or negative gain compared to reference level of 89dB.

    But it does not support all audio and container formats natively. It works with MKV and MP4 files and MP3, AAC, Vorbis, FLAC and WAV. For DTS and AC3 you will need DTS and AC3 decoder. Or, you could install Avisynth input plugin and use Avisynth to pass input file. That way it will work with any file your Avisynth can decode and pass.
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