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    In DvdReMake you can import second menu from your DVD9 and reset chapter commands to work with your new DVD5.
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  4. Alternatively, if you don't still quite understand, you can export a copy of your project as a test dvd, zip it up and upload it to a site like drop box. I'll download it and fix the errors and just link you a video of how it was done.
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  5. Sounds very odd to me.

    As I read it the DVD2 is created and when played both menu 1 and 2 are shown and the buttons on those menues are working in which case you should be able to find menu 2 with both PgcEdit as well as DVD Remake.

    I don't know how the DVD 2 is authored, ie wether the menues are VMGM/Video Manager menues or VTSM/Video Titleset menues; if the buttons actually selects chapters in a title (in which case they must be VTSM) or if they selects individual titles (in which case they could be both VTSM or VMGM); if the menues actually is of type "Chapters" or not.

    Anyway, if the menus are shown and the buttons working when playing DVD 2 you should be able to find menu 2 in PgcEdit by highlighting each VMGM/VTSM and pressing the "Menu" icon and similar in DVD Remake by selecting Menus under Video Manager or selecting Menus under Video Title Set.

    Perhaps if you could upload a screen dump like the one below together with the output of Info -> Menu Buttons from PgcEdit it might help clarify how DVD 2 is authored - though perhaps not explain why you shouldn't be able to find Menu 2.

    And I'm guessing you used DVD Remake to create DVD 2?
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  7. As you can see in the label "'VTSM 1, L U 1 (en) , 9 (2:10) 66b", that PGC has 66 buttons. Way too much for a single cell. Therefore, that menu has several cells, each one with its own set of buttons. That means probably that each cell is a different "page" of the chapter menu.

    To edit the buttons of a specific cell, select the PGC and open the Menu Viewer. At the very top of the menu viewer window, you should see a large button with the current VTSM domain, LU and PGC, as well as the numbers of the PG, cell, VOB ID and Cell ID and the duration of the current cell. Click that button, and you should see a drop down menu with the list of the other cells of the current PGC. Select the cell you need to edit. It will replace the current cell in the menu viewer. You can now click the Edit button to edit it.

    Don't worry about the Multiple Set of BOVs in VTST 1. Just be sure to NOT edit any button in the VTST 1 domain, and the multiple sets of BOVs will not be replaced by your own buttons. (If you try to edit a button in that domain, a new warning will be displayed anyway.) You were right when you wrote "Don't think so because my problem is in ''VTSM 1, L U 1 (en) , 9 (2:10) 66b. and Multiple Sets Info Shows something in VTST 1."
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