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  1. Hey Guys,

    I have a kind of complex question here.

    I need to stream live video from a 360 Camera (such as bublcam) onto my PC which will then be connected to the Oculus rift. You can assume what the result would be. The question is, i would like to load an external flash game in the video. The game should also be in the same position, so if the viewer wearing the oculus is seeing the game in front of him and looks somewhere else, the game will stay where it is. For example overlaying the externally loaded flash game over the TV which would be in the same room and it will always be displayed over the TV no matter where you look.

    Is this even possible to achieve? and if so, what is required in terms of hardware and software?

    Sorry if it sounds confusing but i cant find any other way to explain it

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    A 360 camera such as the bublcam does NOT provide a standard view direct out of the camera: it shows a quadrant matrix of the 4 tetrahedral views. These need stitching & perspective correction in order to provide a panoramic, 360 view in a way that allows "controlled steering". The processing power to do this is NOT insignificant: it would take a hefty PC to be able to do this in realtime AND allow for reformatting for the OR. I don't even know if an app has been created yet that can do that.

    Plus, OR is a stereoscopic VR device. The bulbcam (and most all other 360 cams) are NOT. So, even if you were able to do live dematrixing+stitching+perspective correction+OR re-formatting, it would only show a standard 2D view. Kind of a waste of the OR featureset, if you ask me.

    Not exactly sure what you mean by "flash game", but I'll assume it was something that was compiled in Flash (similar to other web-based games, such as java-compiled).

    I'm pretty sure, for you to see an static-perspective OVERLAY in OR, on TOP of a dynamic perspective feed from a 360cam, would require custom programming and a REAL powerful desktop/workstation. Plus, you'd need to design the "overlay" app to allow steering control from the OR.

    That's a tall order.

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