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  1. Hi!!! i have instalet in my pc rainmeter and when i open potplayer to see movie not show the the video image!!!!subtitle work ,audio work...if i close the rainmeter skins potplayer work wery well and show the video image....what can i do to not close rainmeter every time i want to see a movie ??
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    I think there exists a bug (or design flaw) in Rainmeter,
    and you should report the bug to Rainmeter's developer.

    FWIW, Microsoft themselves "gave up" on the desktop gadget thing...
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  3. Yes you are right!!) i found the bug and close the skin in raimeter that cause the problem with pot player,2 shorcuts to 'C' and 'D' have make this problem !!now works wery well potplayer!!! Good luck and keep up the good work!! PotPlayer is the BEST )
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