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    Hi, been looking for a projector that is portable, something you don't have to lug around. Battery power isn't a must but it's definitely a plus.

    Been looking around on youtube and google trying to figure out if there is a major quality drop between full sized and pico projectors and I'm not really seeing much. My budget is around $500 so I'm not looking for something too spectacular but definitely something worth watching.

    Found this video:

    I was impressed with how the Pico held up to the full sized Epson but wanted to ask around about it just to confirm that this is a reasonable result to expect.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Hello, I am currenty searching for a portable projector. It's for my school, so probably lots of people gonna use it daily for classes to show threats of searching people to and extracurriculars. Any updates on this matter? What brand have you bought? And how does it go?
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