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  1. Hello.
    i have one question that's been bugging me.

    I present an example:
    I have 4 mp4 videos, 720p, downloaded from youtube. (total file size 110MBs)
    I want to join them, edit them and re-encode them in one file.

    What are the best options to have the resulting file without losing quality, but with approx. the same file size? (110Mbs)
    I use MagixMovie Edit.
    I encode to mpeg (720p) and the resulting file is 1,30GB!!
    I tried encoding to mp4 again, and the resulting file is huge again.
    What should I do?
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  2. Filesize = Playtime * Bitrate

    If your filesize is increased by a factor 12 so is your bitrate. Use MediaInfo/MediaInfoXP to see.

    From YouTube your video codec would be h.264 (=AVC, = MPEG4 Part10). If filesize is important you don't want to use MPEG2 codec as it's a less efficient codec, ie requiring more filesize for similar quality. You would want to keep h.264 (or perhaps h.265). I don't know MagixMovie Edit but somewhere you should be able to set the bitrate of your output. And you will always have some quality loss when re-encoding to a loosy format.
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  3. thanks for your reply.
    though I didn't understand quite.
    What codec would you pick?

    The resulting mp4 I got is h.264, and it's 592Mbs.
    Well, it's less than mpeg but still it's large.

    The bitrate is fixed at 6000Kbps (when i chose mp4 H.264), and it's indeed approx. 5 times over the original bitrate.
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  4. As I wrote I don't know MagixMovie Edit but normally you can set the bitrate, ie to 1200 Kbps.
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