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  1. Hi all,

    The question is in the title : I have mp4 movies I would like to convert to avi (DivX) keeping both quality and file size...
    How can I do please??
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    You can try an older version of handbrake (0.9.3 or older ). Convert to avi with xvid video.

    But you will lose quality. How much depends on the video source. You can try increase the output file size/bitrate if you lose too much quality.
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  3. thanks a lot, I'll try that!
    I don't really care about losing a little quality as long as the movie is not worse than a screener
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  4. handbrake doesn't seem to work, when I click start I just get input info in the activity window but that's all
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  5. ok my mistake, I reloaded it and works well!
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  6. [SOLVED] Thanks a lot the video comes out by 730mb and the quality loss is nearly un-noticable!
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