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  1. Does anyone know what codec Pinnacle Studio 15 uses for its AVI DV files? I'm having issues playing the files on a TV media box. Thanks.
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    Most "media boxes" can't play avi dv. Convert to avi with divx/xvid video or mp4 with h264 video, etc instead.
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  3. Quality loss with divx?
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  4. There is always quality loss transcoding video to any lossy format.

    -Keep exported originals as DV avi. Only PC's or HTPC would play those files

    -Then encode those for playback with media players . DivX whatever you prefer. You can set encoding the way that visual loss (visual, not real, checking up still frame on screen with glasses on) will be almost non existent, like using CRF 16 (and lower) for H.264 encoding using x264 or making DVD (perhaps not with Pinnacle though) not longer than 1 hour long using bitrates close to maximum DVD bitrate that is allowed in DVD specs
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  5. Thanks Al! Out of curiosity, what codec is being employed when pinnacle studio creates a DV AVI?
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  6. I guess Pinnacle DV codec.
    If you do not smart render DV avi out, I'd hesitate nowadays to get DV avi out of NLE (except for tape back up or for some broadcast delivery). DV avi is 25Mbit, quite waste of space and it is only 4:2:0 or 4:1:1 anyway . To have quality back up I'd choose some lossless video (if Pinnacle has that option).

    If you export original DV (no codec is used) it is the best back up on the other hand.
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