I need help in deciding which video camera should I use to stream online using Adobe Live Encoder at 1080p. Now, I'm using the Logitech BCC 950 Conferencecam and it can stream at 1080p, the problem is that the zoom function cannot be used anymore - it only zooms a little. I need to get a camera that can stream in full HD, but which is also able to do extreme close-ups using the zoom function.
Looking for advice, I heard about the Sony E-VID 100, which is an analogue surveillance camera and needs to be used with a video capture device, the thing is I would really like to find a webcam that doesn't cost as much and preferably without having to buy a capture card. It's not that it's expensive, but I need to buy over fifty of them (both cameras and capture cards) so the final cost is really huge.

Thank you,