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    I have an iPhone 4s, and have never used the default video app. I have a movie that I synced to my iPhone but the subtitles associated are not there. The original format for the movie was MKV (with subtitles). I used Prism Video Converter to convert the MKV to MP4, but during the process the subtitles were removed. I downloaded an SRT file for the movie. Do I need to convert again with the SRT file and the MP4 movie? If so, what is a good software to accomplish this task as Prism Video Converter isn't the greatest? Is there anyway I can avoid converting again? Also, could the problem be linked to iTunes? Thanks in advance!!
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  2. You can mux (embed) the subtitles with My MP4BoxGUI (Windows).

    You can use MKVtoMP4 to get a MP4 file. It'll not convert the video if it's h.264 encoded but just copy it.

    If you need to encode the video you could use HandBrake/Vidcoder. There are pre-set for iPhone.
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