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  1. I have an mkv file and I use my tv to play these videos. it has a usb connection that I use a disk on key with and place the video on that.
    problem is yesterday when we played a video and wanted to fast forward we didnt find a way to jump forward so we used the fast forward button till we got there.

    Id like a way to add chapters. time doesnt matter. it can do it automatically at every 5 minute intervals for all I care.

    regarding subtitles. is there a way to add subtitles that will be embedded into the movie as one file or should I just leave it in a folder with the video and the SRT file and it will find it on its own to play?

    thank you in advance.
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  2. You could use MKV Chapterizer.

    Leave the SRT as a separate file named as the video (Video.mkv / You can embed it (mux) with MKVMergeGUI but it's not so widely supported by TV's as separat files.
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    chapterizer works wonderful. now will try with SRT file seperate and see how that goes.

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