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  1. Ok the main issue is that when i convert subtitle from SSA/ASS format to SRT for Plex compatibility!

    The main problem is that when ever i convert them from ASS/SSA to SRT, line multiplies and they are overlapping mostly on signs and opening theme songs on anime series, which i know srt has it's limit on how they display on the video screen.

    I posted a screenshot to make sure you understand what i mean!

    it's just I'm still learning how use subtitle edit and also i tried ASS to SRT converter and does the same thing!
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  2. Try covert with Aegisub
    open file in Aegisub then File -> Export subtitles -> Export... -> and type name with .srt in the end
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  3. I use SSA subs and have no trouble at all using them through Plex. I mux them into an MKV container along with the audio and video.

    On the other hand, I've had no trouble converting SSA to SRT using VobSub Resynch, part of the VobSub package.
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  4. I will Try Aegisub and thanks! I'm using both SSA and SRT, SRT will be external not mux in MKV. External subs SRT works with android tables and phones without transcoding, on computers Plex Home Player works both SRT and SSA that's anther reason i keep both! compatibility is more reliable!
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