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  1. I've created an animated motion menu in Premiere and encoded this as an MPEG-2 file. There is a 14 second intro and the menu options/text appear at the 15 second mark. At this point, I want the menu buttons to appear on screen in DVD Lab Pro 2.

    I've imported this motion menu into my DLP2 assets and dragged the clip onto my main menu, and created the buttons. According to DLP2's manual (if I read it correctly), I should see this at the bottom of my main menu:

    Apparently you can drag the L marker to your desired start point (in my case, 15 seconds in) and the buttons will appear at that point. The only problem is, I do not have the L marker and have no idea how to make my buttons 'cut' for those first 15 seconds. Does anyone know how to do this?

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  2. Maybe that help is outdated, because it is actually improved now, or that L slider has to be activated somehow, not sure, you can do it this way:

    1.load your video into menu, as you did
    2.add new cell and slide it into position at 14 second, ..., cells are at the top above "motion"
    3. make that cell2 to loop
    4a. click on that cell2 to activate it, then go to Menu/External S-picture/Load External Sub-picture, that is your bmp created somewhere (photoshop etc.) ,assuming you have buttos created in your video as well, that is how pros do it, buttons are custom drawn in video (in your case from 14 second), this way your menu is 100% custom made to suit your needs,
    then you draw highlights (draw a rectangular for a button, then link/invisible normal) can create outro as well, just create one more cell

    never did draw buttons in DVD Lab myself in motion menu, but I think you can draw buttons within DVD Lab where highlights are automatically generated right away, so
    4. activate that cell2, draw your buttons in there with DVD Lab Pro using its tools (dragging buttons or writing text etc.)
    4.b again, you can create even outro, but of course you'd need to add that video part in Premiere to that motion video

    I know that DVD Lab can generate jump from VMGM from post command (it should be pre-command) , maybe a bug for some version for advanced setup, don't know, so when I test that VIDEO_TS in MPC-HC and I get black screen, it is stuck previewing non existent VMGM video, so I just copy that jump from particular VMGM PGC from post to last line of pre-command section (using PGCEdit)

    when you have intro (cell 1) in your motion menu, it is a good idea to skip it when user enters that menu again, or from movie, if not, you playing on user's nerves. It should be programmed that second time it jumps to cell2 directly in that menu, not cell1
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  3. Thank you very much for your help
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  4. I have one more question. I got the Main Menu in two cells; cell 1 is the intro, with cell 2 being the cell that loops with the buttons appearing. The only issue is, after I have a movie playing in VTS 2, I want it to link back to the main menu but start playing at cell 2 (and not at cell 1 with the intro). How do I link the end of a movie in VTS 2 to main menu cell 2 in VTS 1?
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  5. Do you have there more titles than one? If yes, keep movie and menu in one VTS.
    Otherwise you have to navigate through VMG because to jump from one VTS to other is not allowed, and also you have to set some flag that indicates that user already saw that intro one time before,
    while programing DVD navigation you can use freely some memory , those memory cells are called GPRM, so you can use GMPR0
    -I'd just create empty VMG PGC in DVDLabPro (right click empty space in connection window - add/add command object/VMG domain)
    -create end link in DVDLab from title (movie) to that VMG PGC
    -create jump from that VMG to root menu

    but then I'd used PGCEdit to fix that,
    -set GPRM0 to 1 in pre-command section for your title (movie) in PGCEdit
    -in pre section of root menu I'd create jump to cell2 if GPRM0 is 1, linknextcell command

    so looking now how to do those last two steps in DVD Lab Pro as well ...
    - right click that movie in connection window, choose EDIT VM commands, in "Custom PRE commands" click EDIT, click operator, and set G0 to 1, OK, close
    -click on VTS root menu and right click it, choose, edit VM commands and then ... I'd be stuck because I would not know what is the exact command to jump into cell2 if GPRM0 is 1. This is why DVDLabPro makes no sense to me, because you suppose to know its command, but who is gonna know all of it, that is why I value PGCEdit , it guides you writing a command , you just filling boxes for commands,

    the way PGCEDIT works, it loads compiled VIDEO_TS from DVDLabPro, then you'd just add that command in pre-command section for root menu, you'd look for command that would link to cell 2 if GPRM=1 , not jump but linknextcell , and save it, and you have correct VIDEO_TS for burning ready ...
    you'd need to compare two GPRM, not GPRM and number, so you just compare GPRM1 with GPRM2 for example, you put 1 there before as well
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    Hi Xoanon, do the following:

    First, you register it in the ROOT MENU on the icon CELL COMMAND VM, but the image of down arrow, clicking on it, which leaves an option called "LINK TO CELL NR ..." and put it following:

    GPRM0 = 1 LINK TO CELL 2
    HL Button 0

    And to do the LOOP, click in cell 2 and the right click of the mouse, choose the option "SET STILL TIME INFINITY".

    After the ROOT MENU, go to the VM EDIT COMMANDS, setting the option to "SCRIPT EDITOR" and then the PRE CUSTOM COMMANDS, put the code:

    if (GPRM0 == 1) LinkCN 2 (button 0)
    GPRM0 = 1

    Then put "OK" and close the command window. And in the end, save your project and compile.

    Hope this is useful.

    Sorry my Bad English XD...
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