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  1. Hi, I want to rip two or more AVSEQ .DAT files from two different VCDs into one single file using megui. Would also like to crop the borders in the VCD. Can anyone help me regarding this?

    I have looked into many resources and none which can help me. Thanks for any help.
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  2. First you have to extract the MPEGs from the DAT files with VCDEasy or VCDGear. Then MeGui or many other encoding programs can work with them.
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  3. ialready have the DAT files in my hard drive, i dint require any soft for coping them. but there is a big problem to join the files in megui. i want the avs script, and also megui doesnt support VCD/DAT files.
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    Convert or actually just remux your dat files to mpg with vcdgear as manono says. Then use the mpg files.
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