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  1. Hi, only for ****

    please my cats have a question
    in a batch there is a envoroment variable called %timecode% that, if timecode exist and is defined, output a string of this type:


    for example 01:32:21:05

    In PAL mode, 25fps, I would like convert this timecode in his correspondant frame number, for rxample in the case of 01:32:21:05 is 138530

    so the convert processing should output 138530

    Another examples: 00:00:00:00 ----------------> 0
    00:00:00:01 ----------------> 1
    00:00:00:24 ----------------> 24
    00:00:01:00 ----------------> 25
    00:00:01:01 ----------------> 26
    and so on
    How can I do?

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  2. that was actually one of those first inputs to this whole saga of mega batch script, how to parse timecode and put it into variables, it is somewhere here already, ...., then it is a simple math
    set timecode=01:32:21:05
    for /f "tokens=1,2,3,4 delims=:" %%a in ("%timecode%") do (set hours=%%a& set mins=%%b& set secs=%%c& set frames=%%d)
    set /a total_frames=(%hours% * 60 * 60 * 25) + ( %mins% * 60 * 25 )  + (%secs% * 25) + %frames%
    echo %total_frames%
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  3. t:h:a:n:k,s it' works!

    only one question:

    in the batch I also have a ffprobe value output that says the r_frame_rate

    r_frame_rate that becomes frame_rate

    and assume this format,

    for example 25/1

    and so on

    so for example %frame_rate% becomes 50/1

    From this format, can I get simply: 25 or 50 or 30 (and not 25/1 50/1 30/1) ?

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  4. parse %frame_rate% to get out that first value
    you split your variable with "/" into two, then you need only first number, so:
    "tokens=1 delims=/"
    try to figure out how those commands work, otherwise you would ask all the time
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  5. but I think you can use that 25/1 value in that line where total_frames are calculated, for example:
    (%hours% * 60 * 60 * %frame_rate%) .... etc,... try it
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