Hello! I hope I am in the right place. Last weekend I went diving and caught some cool footage of a leopard shark on a go pro. I had my friend edit it on his computer thought go pro studio and send me a large version and small version on Dropbox. I was able to save both to my phone, and they look great / beautiful however when I post either to Instagram or youtube (Even using borders with square ready) they appear blurry and the quality is horrible.

I researched it for quite a while and learned that instagram videos are supposed to have a resolution or size of 640 x 640 and a certain frame rate among other things however I am without a computer at the moment and without the knowledge to fix this on my own and I don't wanna keep bugging my friend.

I am so proud of the video and really want to share it! Can anyone recommend an online video editor I can send the short clip to? Or a way around all of this using a different apple app? Thank you!!