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    I'm a complete zero in everything concerning video cameras. I have this doubt:

    Why is there such a difference between the number of Mrgapixels usualy printed on the camera itself and the one stated in the specifications.

    I'll give you two examples.

    The Panasonic HC-V130 has 8.9 Mega Pixels printed on the side, yet when I view the specifications at Panasonic website, it states Pixels Total: 2.51 Mega Pixels.

    The Sony HDR-PJ240 has 9.2 Mega Pixels on the case, but only 2.29 Mega Pixels in the specifications.

    What am I missing?

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  2. 9.2 is the still image resolution, 2.5 is the actual pixel count -- so there must be some interpolating going on.
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    Exactly. The big number represents the size of the FINAL file, not the sensor. They interpolate or "re-rasterize" it up to the big number. Does not improve detail whatsoever.

    It's a scam to sell lesser specs to novices. Panasonic and Sony are notorious for this.

    I once bought a Panasonic camcorder that stated "60p Video" on the box and it turned out to be 30p with frame repeating. it just doubled the same frames to achieve 60p. No better than 30p.

    Sony creates their own buzz-names for regular old stuff. Like "Super X-Moled Rapid Advancement Technology", or "SX-RAT", that probably does nothing to improve anything, but it sounds high tech, and people fall for it.

    Hahaha. It's funny until you fall for it.
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