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    Hello everyone, I have a DVD of Lois and Clark in which there are a few episodes of the series. I managed to rip the chapters successfully but my problem is ripping subtitles. I want to rip subtitles of each chapter separately, it is possible?

    I managed to rip the subtitles of all chapters in one file, each chapter will aim own subtitles, I'd appreciate it if you help me find a way to rip each individual episode's subtitle. Thank you all
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    Is it possible? Yes.

    It is EASY? No.

    Before we get into exactly what you have to do, you need to tell us what language the subtitles are in because EVERYTHING gets a million times more complicated if you aren't ripping Latin alphabet subs like English and your location is Israel so if these are Hebrew subs, it's going to be harder to do. And if you are on a Mac, you most definitely need to tell us that because that just made your task even harder. If you have a Windows PC but the subs are Hebrew and your PC doesn't support the Hebrew character set (ie. you brought it from the USA), we need to know that too as that also complicates things a lot.
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  3. Originally Posted by royvak25 View Post
    I want to rip subtitles of each chapter separately?
    Originally Posted by royvak25 View Post me find a way to rip each individual episode's subtitle.
    Make up your mind. Do you want the subs for each chapter (cell) or for each episode (VOB ID)? They're almost certainly not the same thing as almost always an episode consists of several chapters.

    If all episodes are in the same PGC, PGCDemux can get them out. You can tick 'By VOB ID' (episodes) or 'Single Cell' (Chapters) after you figure out which you want. Open the IFO for the VTS first. You'll get them in SUP format. SUP can instantly be converted to VobSubs (IDX/SUB) using SubtitleCreator. I hope you don't want text-based subs because then you might run into the problems jman98 mentioned.

    Since you provided next to no information, it's hard to guess what you want.
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