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  1. I've got a small country church that I'm trying to help setup a camcorder system. They would like a new camera system that they can mount up high, send the live feed to the nursery, and download the recorded videos over WiFi. They need WiFi download, because the mounting spot is too long to run a USB cord (even with an extender). The church doesn't have an iPad or anything like that to control the zoom. And the guy who runs the sound/video isn't a smartphone guy. So I'm looking for an inexpensive camcorder that's got an IR or wired remote for zoom/record, video out, and the files can be downloaded over WiFi. We've already got HDMI run to the mounting spot. Does anyone know of a camcorder that we could purchase that would do all of this?
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    Sony HDR-AS100VR comes with remote control

    Separate remote Sony RM-LVR1 (Wi-Fi)

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