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  1. Hi guys, nice 2 see all of u...last time i ask how can i download .f4m video..u guys teach me to try TubeDigger and it worked.. but after sometimes the video of the website seems update and can not be download..and i tried some software like coojah6 Audials 11 GETFLV..etc
    only can GETFLV sniff out m3u8 link...but download fail...

    anyway, please somebody show me how to download .m3u8 link??? THANKS !

    otherwise its a website from China,when u open the video need a account..

    "登录" means "login"

    "注册" means "register"

    You must click "登录"="login" and type on "用户名"="account" : and then ''密码''=''password'': gushouyi

    a little hard here when copying...


    m3u8 link:

    Many Thanks guys!
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  2. maybe someone could help

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