Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions,

We are in the process of setting up so that we can stream our church service online live. what we have already:
Desktop computer (not sure on the exact specs but it was used for live streaming previously, so it should be able to now)
Mixer board.
an additional laptop.
we also have a projector
and decent internet connection.

One the back of the computer tower there are three firewire connectors, going to some sort of video card. I was thinking that we could have two cameras, and then have the other one coming from the projector for powerpoints etc. the laptop could be connected to the projector to run music presentations, powerpoints or whatever.

for software I was thinking of using vidblaster for switching between cameras and powerpoints. then run that through flash media life encoder then to a streaming site (Dacast seems to be the easiest to operate that I have exparimented with)

So the main thing that we need is cameras, because we are a church it would best if we could keep it as cheap as possible. I have found a few camcorders on amazon.com, such as the Canon HV20 or the HV30. so this leads to the first question - can you get live streaming from a camcorder to a
computer just by plugging in a firewire cable, or do you need something in between the camera and the computer??

the next thing is we have built a AV booth and the back of the sanctuary, the projector is at the front about 60-70 feet, I have read that you cant run a
HDMI or firewire cable that long of a distance, so my though was to go from HDMI out of the laptop to a HDMI to Ethernet adaptor, run Ethernet cable to the front then go back to HDMI into the projector - good or bad idea??
additionally how would you get what the projector is seeing into the other computer to run through vidblaster??

I think that is all the questions I have for now hope I made sense.
thanks for you help