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  1. Hi i have tried RTMPDump but it didnt detect any stream.

    Some flash saving add-on for Firefox only saved first few seconds of flv file..

    An example of the coub vid here

    Any hints? Thanks!
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  2. I have found out there are flv files that can be saved, every coub video I checked is splitted to 4 parts, but only the first one is a legit video file and can be played.

    I'm not sure what are the other 3 files, except that they should be remaining parts of the video. There need to be a way how to join all 4 files, but usual tools doesn't work because those files are not recognized as video.

    If someone could take a look, I have added them as an attachment..
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  3. The FLV file was cut into four pieces. All you have to do is append them.
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  4. Cool, I should have thought of that Thanks!

    I used Total Commanders "Combine files.." option and it worked, I'm not sure its the best or fastest way how to do it though.
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