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  1. can any one tell me the quality of the picture when you play a homemade vcd in a tv. thanx
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    if you have a good source file, then the quality is good
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  3. dunno...even the professionally made (store bought, legal, assumed hardware encoded) have some blockiness cuz they have to fit some much into 2 CDs....
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  4. I think standard VCD is a bit better than VHS if you have a good source. you can fit about 60 minutes on a 650meg CD, but upping the data rate to get better quality reduces this time.

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  5. horroking you're probably talking about SVCDs.
    You get 74 min of Video on a 74-min CD-R, 80 on 80, 90 on 90,... because VCDs are written im Mode2 (like audio-CDs!)
    About the Quality: VCD ~ VHS, sometimes a bit better, sometimes a bit worser, but after 10 years, a VCD still look the same, a VHS would be good for the recycle bin!
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  6. bobotns, VHS has no future...compact, digital media is the future...but even the DVD may be obsolete in the near future thou ;p
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