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  1. Hi everyone, thank you for making this forum such a great resource. I am still digesting a lot of info, but I figured I should make a post regardless.

    I have a movie on DVD that freezes for about 38 seconds (the audio continues in-sync during the freeze). I confirmed with the distributer that ALL copies they ever released had the same problem.

    Is there any method to edit the DVD files (IFO, VOB, all that stuff) to fix the visuals for that 38 second period? (and still keep it as an Untouched DVD Rip?)

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I tried advice from various other forums and threads but mostly I just rendered the files unplayable and had to re-rip the disc.

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    Untouched dvd rip?

    You must rip it/copy and reauthor it some way to fix it. Either by cutting out the bad part or some advanced authoring that skips the part.
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