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    First let me explain my problem and hopefully someone can assist me with my problem:

    My friend made a documentary and had someone edit the film on FCP, and then that person added subtitles in DVD Studio Pro. None of those programs I have on my iMac. My friend wanted to change some things and asked me if I could assist and I accepted.

    What I did was download a DVD converter to my computer that worked fine. Once I imported the DVD into iMovie we made such changes.

    However the problem I'm having is trying to extract subtitles from the actual DVD CD.

    So here are my questions if anyone is so nice to help me:

    1. Can anyone offer any legit online, free programs to extract the subtitles?
    2. Should I add the subtitles manually in iMovie?
    3. Can iDVD able me to add a page where you will have the option to watch film with or without subtitles?

    Thank You.

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