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    this is my first post, let me just say that I am a real newbie in video making.
    I wanted to ask your advice to understand which of my 3 products would be the best to take a video.
    The video will be indoor.

    I guess if I should only look at Megapixel the Canon looks to be the best but I am not sure.
    Can someone help?

    Mobile Phone HTC one X

    Canon EOS 1100D

    Sony Handycam DCR-SR45

    Thanks so much
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  2. There is only one real video camera listed. The Sony Handycam, but that one is at least 6 years old and obsolete. The canon is a photo camera that also does videos. The Phone is a phone.
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    Don't just look at "megapixel".

    What are the details of the kind of things you are going to shoot indoors? Will there be lots of light? Will there be lots of motion? Will there be long contiguous segments? What kind of crew will you have? Is there a need for smooth zooming? Is HD quality a deciding factor?

    The Canon is not bad at CERTAIN kinds of video, regardless of what TreeTops said. Even the HTC1x can do some things nicely, though at low light it has the tendency, like much phone-cams, of reverting to VFR, which is a problem editing. The Handycam is probably most efficient & versatile for normal "video" workflows, but it is an SD mpeg2 cam.

    Actually, ALL of these cams will not be EASY to edit (as none of them use an intra-frame codec).

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    Thanks guys, and thanks for the questions, this will allow me to explain better.

    I Am building a flight simulator in my home, the videos will be used to post on youtube to show the progress.
    Here is an example I shot with the Handycam.

    They will be long segments of about 10 minutes if I just give updates
    or 2 hours edited down to 10 minutes like the example, if I show a flight.

    Light is not much, I have only one window plus a ****pit looks better is it's a bit dark, so you get to see all the leds.
    When I compare my video with others on the internet, I notice that mine is blurry while others I can read the numbers
    on the autopilot.
    There is no crew unfortunately, is just me and a tripod.
    I don't need professional videos, just a bit better quality like this example.

    It looks like the the height of the camera is at the same height of the head of the pilot
    I could not say how far back it is, but the image looks really good compared to mine.

    Where should I go from here?
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  5. None of those cameras will record for 2 continuous hours. Canon is likely to give you best picture quality.
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