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  1. On disk I have:
    - Original Blu Ray
    - DVD (VIDEO_TS) .vob files
    - .TS files (TV-recordings), often also 7-9 GB

    These files can be played back by VLC nicely, of course.

    Would like to convert them to high quality .mkv files, but, similar to the originals, with subtitle(s) selection (BD/DVD)

    Tried TMPGEnc Video Mastering (latest version): it reduces the size to only 10% of the original (BD 24GB results in 2.5GB MKV)
    Tried MediaEspresso v7, same BD is now 8GB MP4 - AFAIK MediaEspresso does not support .MKV
    (Note: did nót use 'high quality'in MediaEspresso's, but rather its default 'Faster Conversion").

    Both files (.MKV/MP4) could be played in VLC.

    in both cases, when playing the file, I cannot select a subtitle, i.e. VLC Subtitle selection is 'greyed out'.

    Some [Newbie!] questions..
    a) I am not sure which one is better, quality-wise, .mkv or .mp4 (I would assume: larger files->better quality?)
    b) Alternative tools for conversion to .MKV, for above listed files (BD/DVD/.ts) -noticed RipBot264 and VidCoder
    c) will these toolsy support subtitle selection when fils are played back?

    I haven't tried them out yet. first would like some expert advice on this.


    tried VidCoder - seems to work!
    Main Window: Subtitles [Edit] a language can be added - lateron when playing the video, language can be selected
    When set quality to high - [Settings->Video: Slider totally to the left, Constant Quality '0'] the 24GB BD results in a 13.7GB file.
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    Makemkv will give you the original quality without re-encoding.
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