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  1. Hello.
    i would like to ask your help on something:
    I'm having a problem with my LG Bluray drive on my pc in the last few weeks.

    - when trying to read multisession DVDs, it doesn't show the 2nd and on session but only the first, although I burned the DVDs on this pc, with this drive and these Windows. (also, it was OK in the past. the problem has occured lately). Sometimes, after restart of pc, it shows the multi-sessions, but not always.
    -when trying to read some DVDs with multiple files in them (usually video files) , it can't open them, it freezes, etc. etc.

    At first i though the discs had gone bad, but then i tested them in a laptop, and they were fine.

    So, do i have a problem with my drive and need to buy a new one, or do I need to do a firmware update?
    I have never done one, because i read it's risky and dangerous.
    And if I have to do a firmware update, i see there are 2 updates: 1.01 and 1.02.
    Can i do 1.02 without having done 1.01?
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    Multisession on DVD is a *VERY* bad idea anyway.

    Remove softwares such as InCD etc. and remove the upper & lower filters as a start.
    *** Now that you have read me, do some other things. ***
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  3. Originally Posted by [_chef_] View Post
    Multisession on DVD is a *VERY* bad idea anyway.

    Remove softwares such as InCD etc. and remove the upper & lower filters as a start.
    well, i didn't have any problem before, and as i've said, multisession DVDs aren't the only problem.

    I didnt' understand your suggestions though.
    I don't have Incd and I didn't understand what you mean by upper and lower filters.
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    Search PM Resolution #3 on that page.

    Firmware updates can contain a lot of different fixes, but most improvements I've seen deal with writing strategies to blank media. They provide improved strategies, or add more recognized mid codes. We generally recommend firmware updates for optical drives and you can skip to 1.02 if you wish. That said, most don't recommend flashing a drive that is already acting wonky.

    And don't do multisession DVD or Blu-ray burns. It is just a problem waiting to show up.
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  5. Thanks.
    Well, it didn't solve anything..
    (I mean the filters removal)
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    You can update the firmware if you wish, and as an LG BluRay burner owner I am amazed beyond words that they actually have TWO firmware updates for your burner as I long ago stopped ever looking for an update to mine since they never produced one, but I do not expect that to solve your problem. Yes, there is always some risk in firmware upgrades. If you lose power or accidentally turn off the PC during the upgrade it may brick your burner. Generally they're safe enough, but no, we can't give you a 100% guarantee here.

    Honestly, without having physical access to your burner, it's going to be almost impossible to tell what's really going on. Burners do die with time. I've usually seen problems first manifest themselves as an inability to burn DVD+R DL discs correctly. What you describe could be the signs of a dying burner. It could also be that you're not comparing apples to apple here, like you're using a different brand of DVDs than before, you're burning them with different software, and so on. Yes multisession is a TERRIBLE idea, but honestly I could not care less whether you want to listen to the advice against it or not as it won't inconvenience me at all if you continue to do it. Multisession burns should always work under Windows though. Standalone players are a different story. Since your PC is having problems with these, I'd guess that it's probably a drive problem.
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  7. thanks for your advice, but as I've said again, multisession discs is NOT the only problem!
    My drive has also a problem reading other discs too with multiple files (not multisession ones).
    eg. trying to open a video file and doesn't open, or trying to copy it and paste in my hard rive, but can't etc..
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  8. Ok, now I have another problem.

    After deleting the lower filters (which had a value for AnyDVD), AnyDVD stopped working.
    I uninstalled and re-installed, did the same with a newer version, but nothing!
    The application crashes!
    Now I can't watch any bluray!

    edit: this problem is solved eventually, so back to my initial problem with my drive having a problem reading some data DVDs.
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