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  1. Hi ****,

    is there a way to set the x264vfw so encoding quality is the "same" of the original?

    I use:

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    but I'm wondering if there is a set of settings that can be improved quality even at a bitrate highest or at a bitare that is the same of source (xdcamhd 4:2:2 50 Mbit/s) and if CQP CRF ABR make difference in quality.

    And: maybe a direcshow x264 codec can improve speed-encoding? is there a directshow-version of this x264 codec?

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  2. Most people claim that at CRF18 x264 produces encodes that are visually transparent to the source, I personally prefer to go a bit lower to about CRF 15 or maybe even 10.
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    I've read people claim an RF of 20 but I seem to get a little bit of artifacting and what I call "worms" on certain types of images when I go 20. Jumping to 18 seems to have cleared it up. I tend to go Normal Profile with a Level 4.1.

    I am not familiar with your software, but the speed setting should really make little difference on the quality but will create a smaller size at the expense of encoding time. For instance when I use Handbrake to encode Blu-Ray rips with my FX-6100 CPU using the above settings, my encoding time is about 1.5x the actual duration of the video when I set it to Medium. It's just a little slower than real time when I go Fast.
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    I would consider going Level 4.0 for SD and 4.1 for HD along with Profile: High and for Preset I normally use FILM since I'm mostly re-encoding that type of content. Selecting FILM does several things including "DeBlock=-1,-1" whereas normally it would be 0,0 and the more negative the number the more detail is kept. Many swear you should over ride this and use "DeBlock=-3,-3" or sharpness is lost (not sure if this applies to animation but should apply to most live action).

    Also my understanding is that the NORMAL, SLOW, SLOWER etc. setting can impact quality, not just "compress better" and I always use VERY SLOW which is basically the last notch (other than PLACEBO which just takes freakin' forever and ever).

    You also have to be careful of B frames and Ref frames but I haven't used x264vfw so I am not sure how to set it up for that but using VERY SLOW should max everything out to the point that you can't over ride it to make it any better but make sure you don't break DXVA compatibility.

    Oh and yes I mostly always use CRF with a value of 18 for HD although sometimes I have to go to 19 or the file size is just super large. I've also run into very clean sources where I could go lower than 18 but 18 is good for a lot of HD material. SD material however seems to be "all over the place" and I've sometimes gone as low as CRF 15 to get what I considered "transparent" quality.

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  5. CRF=0 will give you the same quality as your source -- because it's lossless. Of course, the file size will be much bigger.
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  6. do you know if exist a directshow-version of this x264 codec?
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  7. download but I cannot unserstand how to install, I have try to add the into the DSFMgr but cannot load it
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