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  1. This one confuses me.

    The second half of that first sample (after the zoom-in on the ball thing) is just hard telecined so tfm().tdecimate() works fine but first part has different problem.TIA!

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  2. That first part uses all kinds of different 'real' framerates, up to and including 59.94fps (interlaced 29.97fps). SmartDecimate was the champ at handling this sort of thing for a fixed framerate (23.976), but if you don't want to go that route, maybe do a standard IVTC in the whole thing followed by some interpolation to smooth some of the more obvious jumps.

    I only checked the first sample.
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  3. nvm
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  4. An example of what? You understand these mixed framerate animes (hybrid, they're sometimes called) are among the most difficult to handle? And that sometimes difficult decisions, none of them good, have to be made?
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  5. Smart bob them to 59.94 fps. That won't be any jerkier than the source.
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