Hi everyone. I'm grateful for every click on my thread and I thank you for the time spent on reading this. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to linux and even more when the subject is video streaming/conversion, so I really hope that someone with better knowledge will jump in and point me in the right direction.

A. What I want to accomplish:
- live streaming from HDMI source over the internet to be embedded on a specific website

B. What I already have:
1. one mini computer (intel G3258 / 8Gb Ram / 2Tb 7200RPM HDD / 2Gb DDR3 128-bit low-profile GPU / 300W PSU) running Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 (I'm already using it for other things and I would very much like to also use it for streaming if one could say it's up to the challange)
2. one external capture device (HD PVR2 Gaming Edition Plus)

C. What I already know:
1. currently there are no linux drivers available for my capture device, but I understood that will be soon. Time is not an issue, I'm willing to wait rather than buying new gear or switching to Windows.
2. I compiled nginx together with the RTMP module and it's working great on LAN (tested with a sample mpeg4 file and VLC > Open media stream from another PC)
3. HDCP sucks

D. What I don't know (and would very much want to)
1. Is RTMP the best solution? Isn't there a HTTP "headless-ish"alternative, that I could set up by myself?
2. How will I actually stream from Ubuntu? What software do I need to install? Or I just need to point my sources to /dev/mydevice?
3. Can I configure some sort of time schedule / cron job and automatize the whole streaming process?
4. Is it better to: A. Stream to localhost and from there (dont know how) push the streaming to another server or B. Stream directly to another server? How will the bandwidth be used for both cases (meaning, if I stream to localhost and somehow link the streaming on my remote environment, how will the bandwidth be served to the viewers, the remote host or my home computer?)
5. Will my gear be sufficient for a decent 720p streaming? &
6. Is the x264/AAC hardware compression build in my Hauppauge device good enogh to rely on?
7. Which would be the best open source solution available today to display the streaming on a website? I would preffer HTML5, but I'm willing to settle for flash
8. Is it possible to secure the streaming? Prevent hotlinking?

That's pretty much what I can think of right now. A lot is flowing through my head though. Any suggestion is appreciated. Bare in mind that I'm planning on doing this as a hobby and my resources are limited.

Thank you!