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    I have recorded some video footage on my Nexus 4 phone which I need to edit using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0. The project must be rendered for upload to YouTube.

    I am struggling to optimise my rendering settings for good YouTube performance. With footage from my camcorder, I can just choose the "Match project settings" option in the "Render As" dialog. If I try this with the phone footage, the only available output formats seem to be audio only for some odd reason.

    If anybody can recommend any rendering settings for such source footage, that would be really helpful. So far, I have been disappointed with the quality of my videos once they get as far as YouTube.

    (I seem to get good results if I directly upload raw phone footage to YouTube.)
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    Use mediainfo to identify the video details from your nexus video files. Then export to similar format like same video frame size/resolution and same fps, h264 video, aac/mp3 audio in a mp4 file. Adjust/Increase the bitrate for higher quality(bigger output file size).
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