Hi guys

Just joined this forum in the hope someone can help.

I run and host my own small website on my MacMini which works well.
I have created a webpage which shows 3 Tenvis JPT3815W CCTV cameras.
I recently purchased a Tenvis IP602W MJPEG CCTV camera.

Although this camera works and can be viewed on commercial software on both the Macs, iPhones & my Ipad, I cannot get it to work on my website.
To show a live feed from each JPT3815W camera, I have the lines shown below with just the port number different for each.

<?php include("content.php"); ?>
<img alt= 'Camera 1' border="2" height="auto" width="100%" src="http://myweb.dyndns.org:81/snapshot.cgi?user=user&amp;pwd=pwd&amp&t=" onload='setTimeout(function()
{src = src.substring(0, (src.lastIndexOf("t=")+2))+(new Date()).getTime()}, 250)' onerror='setTimeout(function()
{src = src.substring(0, (src.lastIndexOf("t=")+2))+(new Date()).getTime()}, 5000)' alt='' />

Adding that same line for the IP602W camera with appropriate port number gives a blank area with a very small blue box and Question mark.

I have tried changing snapshot.cgi to videostream.cgi but to no avail.

MJPEG is obviously different

Any ideas anyone?