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  1. Hi all the cats!

    please can you help a cat ?

    In a batch file I would like to do this:

    if the recognized framerate is 25 or 50 fps ----> do ...

    so the line would be:


    IF "%Frame_Rate%"=="50/1" OR IF "%Frame_Rate%"=="25/1" (CALL :MakeAVI25or50FPStoHD "%WorkFolder%\%~n1.vcf" "%WorkFolder%\%~n1.avs" "%WorkFolder%\%~n1.avi" "%~f1")


    But it don't work (it tell that OR is a unrecognized option) I use windows 8.1 32bit

    Please can you tell me what is the correct commandline? thanks
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    Set "TokenS=0"
    IF "%Frame_Rate%"=="50/1" Set "TokenS=1"
    IF "%Frame_Rate%"=="25/1" Set "TokenS=1"
    If "%TokenS%"=="1" (
    CALL :MakeAVI25or50FPStoHD "%WorkFolder%\%~n1.vcf" "%WorkFolder%\%~n1.avs" "%WorkFolder%\%~n1.avi" "%~f1"

    Or something to that effect.
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    WTF is 'cats' ?

    'OR' is not a DOS command so if you are using the command prompt you would simply need to expand the 'IF' command and have another 'IF' for a different condition.

    But DOS does not recognise 'Frame_Rate' either so you are not using DOS. It would help if you stated just what you are using.
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  4. Originally Posted by DB83 View Post
    WTF is 'cats' ?
    Must be some cultural reference like this.
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  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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  6. Originally Posted by ndjamena View Post
    set "tokens=0"
    if "%frame_rate%"=="50/1" set "tokens=1"
    if "%frame_rate%"=="25/1" set "tokens=1"
    if "%tokens%"=="1" (
    call :makeavi25or50fpstohd "%workfolder%\%~n1.vcf" "%workfolder%\%~n1.avs" "%workfolder%\%~n1.avi" "%~f1"

    or something to that effect.

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