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  1. I've read on here and other forums as well about the difficulty encoding early family guy seasons, but have yet to come across a definitive solution, just bits and pieces here and there. I've created an AVS script which is a combination of things I've read in various threads. It produces decent result, but there are still some issues that I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can help solve. My source is ripped from the R1 NTSC DVDs and the examples below are based on the very first episode of Season 1.

    AVS Script:

    SetMTMode(5,28) #MTMode 3 is a bit faster, but I read somewhere that 5 should be used for Mpeg2Source
    Mpeg2Source("01.d2v", CPU=6, Info=0)
    QTGMC(preset="medium", EdiThreads=1).SelectEven()
    crop( 6, 4, -6, -4)


    You'll notice in the encode at around the 7-10sec and 29-33sec range the frame is very shaky. It's like this in the source too, but I'm unsure if this is just a result of the weird interlacing/telecining/whatever. I'm looking for advice on how to fix this issue and how to optimize my script to achieve best results. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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  2. You uploaded an MP4. How about a VOB? You can cut an M2V using DGIndex.

    As for the shaking/aliasing in the middle, I'd first try QTGMC's Progressive Source mode applied only to that small section, and if that didn't work begin interpolating and/or freezeframing.
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  3. Updated the Source link with an M2V. I couldn't figure out how to export a VOB using DGIndex, so hopefully this will be fine.

    Also, I'm not entirely sure how to do what you suggested so if you could provide further details that would be great. Thanks for your help.
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  4. I had my best luck with:

    ReplaceFramesSimple(A,B,Mappings="[684 820] ")

    It cleans it up pretty well, I think.
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  5. It seemed to help with the shaking that is happening in the 29-33 sec range, but the shaking in the 7-10 range appears worse than it was before. Are there any settings we can tweak to fix this or any other filters to try?

    Edit: Ok, I was able to fix the other section by adding that frame range as well. While this solution definitely improves the quality, I don't think it's going to be practical since these issues are scattered throughout the entire episode and I believe the first 2 seasons as well. It would take forever to go through each episode to find the problem spots. It also increases the encode time significantly for each frame range that is added. Hopefully there is another solution that is more automatic without a huge hit to encode time.
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  6. Oh, sorry, I only worked on the 29-33 second one and forgot about the earlier one. I'm glad you figured it out. That 'ReplaceFramesSimple' is about the best way I know to apply a filter on just part of a video.

    Originally Posted by mikeveli20 View Post
    Hopefully there is another solution that is more automatic without a huge hit to encode time.
    Keep dreaming. I guess you don't really 'love' this series that you're not willing to spend some time to get it right.
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  7. It's not a matter of not wanting to spend time, it's a matter of not wanting or even able to spend excessive time. As I mentioned, this same issue is present quite a bit throughout these episodes (it happened twice in the first 30 seconds so as a general estimation we could multiply that by 40 for a 20 mins episode). When I added the 2nd range of frames it almost doubled the encode time (and was processing at just about 2fps) so if I'm going to add 80 frame ranges in total you can imagine how much of a hit that would be.

    Even if there is a solution that works half as good as the one you've come up with but is much faster and more automatic, I'd be happy to settle for that as it would still be better than what I was getting before.
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    I don't claim to be the world's greatest AviSynth expert and what I do is pretty simple with it. Some of the commands you are using I've never heard of and I'm too lazy to look them up. But may I ask why are you using crop to barely remove anything and then resizing it back to DVD resolution? What exactly is this supposed to accomplish? That's certainly playing some role in slowing you down over not doing the crop and resize at all and for as little as you're cropping, I'm not convinced that you could really tell a difference over just dropping those 2 lines altogether.
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  9. I actually didn't use those lines in the most recent encode. The latest script was pretty much exactly what manono suggested with the added frame range and MT support the only difference.

    The reason I was cropping it to begin with was because there was flickering around the edges and I was just trying to remove it and then scale it back up to it's original resolution. Something like this I can easily live without and only had it in my original script because I was still able to get a decent speed with it included.
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