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  1. Hi, please help the cat!

    In a batch procedure I use
     FFProbe -hide_banner -loglevel fatal -pretty -show_streams -show_entries stream^=codec_type^,width^,height^,sample_aspect_ratio:stream_disposition^=:format_tags^=timecode^,company_name^,product_name^,product_version "%~1" 2^>^&1'
    to put any information about a video file into a variable, but now I need to have information about Frame per second of a file. What is the correct parameter to have this?

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  2. oh my poor cat Click image for larger version

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  3. Code:
    -show_entries stream=r_frame_rate
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  4. Code:
    for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=^=" %%g in ('v:\automazioneclip\virtualdubmod\FFProbe -hide_banner -loglevel fatal -pretty -show_streams -select_streams v:0 -show_entries stream^=codec_type^,r_frame_rate^,width^,height^,sample_aspect_ratio:stream_disposition^=:format_tags^=timecode^,company_name^,product_name^,product_version "%~1" 2^>^&1') DO (

    mmm thanks it seems works!!

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